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since i deleted a few weeks ago i’ve been asked a few times about my favorite blogs and havent had any way to respond so i thought i’d remake my favs page on this new blog! everybody will be considered so please dont message me saying i hope you consider me, its really annoying
pbf queenmosss, it is highly unlikely i will choose you otherwise
reblog this post, no likes will be counted
higher chances
follow my instagram @lahhhtay (let me know if you do)
follow my polyvore here (pls let me know)
talk to me, send me cute messages, chat with me so i can notice you (i’m a nice person i swear) anything interesting will get me interested in you and your blog
tag a post #queenmosss with anything else to get you noticed, could be a cute selfie, a drawing, a funny story idk literally anything!
please reblog so i dont look like an idiot, i love you guys and thanks for following :)

fiona--wic said: I would love for you to check my blog out :) xx

sure x

Anonymous said: Did you go to the Royal Melbourne Show?

nope x


Versace S/S 2015 at MFW

J.W. Anderson S/S ‘14

marni fw 14.15

ondria @ sportmax ss 15